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4 Great Reasons to Choose Bellevue Transmission

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Bellevue Transmission

We know you have options when you need a transmission shop in Bellevue, Washington. Call for a tow truck and it's likely your car will end up at a dealer or national chain. But those aren't your only options. You have Bellevue Transmission, the transmission service department of Mark's Japanese European Auto. We provide unmatched repair and rebuilding services that save you time and money.

4 Reasons to Choose Bellevue Transmission

1. Personal Service

Customer service makes a big difference in your overall experience. Our family-owned Bellevue Transmission repair shop is a place where the staff is happy to provide the time of day. Any questions you have, we're ready to answer. Our service technicians always listen to your concerns in order to address them fully. Coming in for a common auto repair can be unexpected and stressful, let along transmission service. At Bellevue Transmission, you can relax. Our knowledgeable and personable technicians will demonstate that you’re in excellent hands.

2. Better Rates

You get a fair price at Bellevue Transmission. In general, we're cup to 35% less expensive than the dealer or national chain. That's because our business was not founded to make a quick buck. You can't build a business with a high turn-over rate or go home at the end of the day knowing you put in an honest day's work. At Bellevue Transmission, we always offer reasonable prices and provide you with expert, low-stress service. It's a winning combinaton for you and us.

3. Long Term Thinking

At  Bellevue Transmission, we expect you'll come back for your regular maintenance or for diagnostics and repairs if you ever have problems. That's because we work on developing a personal relationship with you, built on trust. We'll get to know your vehicle over time and you'll see the familair faces of our service technicians whenever you visit us. Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible, but never at the expense of your safety or the long-term performance of your car.

4. Longer Warranty

Bellevue Transmission’s national warranty gives you 3 full years or 50,000 miles of protection. That’s because we believe in the quality of our service. Give us a call today to discuss your tranmission needs.

Contact us today at 425.454.1881 to schedule an appointment.

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