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Auto Detailing

Mark's Auto Detail in Issaquah, WA

Restore Car Appearance & More

Mark's Auto Detail restores the clean appearance of your motor vehicle, inside and out. We detail cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and boats. Choose from a variety of detailing packages designed to meet your needs and make your car look like new again.

All detail packages include a hand wash that makes your vehicle sparkle without causing scratches like automatic car wash machines. Window tinting service also available.

Automotive Detailing

We offer several detailing packages to fit your needs. Contact us today for car cleaning, SUV cleaning, truck cleaning, and for virtually any other vehicle you drive. Our years of satisfied customers can attest that you'll be fully satisfied with any detailing package you choose. Detailing pricing is listed below:

Hand Wash

Hot water hand wash, clean wheels and wheel wells, dry with chamois and compressed air to eliminate drips then wipe out door jambs.

$35 $40 $50
Super Wash

Hot water hand wash, clean wheels and wheel wells then dry with chamois and compressed air to eliminate drips and wipe out door jambs. Interior is vacuumed and windows are cleaned then we wipe down the dash, console and dress the tires.

$45 $55 $65
Interior Detail

Basic hand wash and dry to clean the vehicles exterior including door jambs, followed by a thorough interior vacuum and the use of compressed air to remove all dirt and dust. Carpets, seats and floor mats are shampooed and all interior plastic is cleaned and protected with low gloss dressing. Leather is cleaned and conditioned with professional quality crème conditioner, windows are cleaned and tires are dressed.

$145 $155 $165
Exterior Detail

Hot water hand wash, clean wheels and wheel wells, clay bar paint then chamois dried with compressed air to remove all water and mask off all trim before polishing. One step machine polish to remove minor scratches and swirls then a coat of premium carnauba wax is applied by hand, exterior trim is polished and tires are dressed.

$145 $155 $165
Full Detail

Combining our exterior and interior detail while adding an engine steam clean to restore your vehicle’s appearance.

$235 $265 $295
VIP Exterior

Hot water hand wash and clay bar to remove surface contaminants from the paint then dried with chamois and compressed air to eliminate drips. All trim is masked off and solvent is used to remove any grease or old wax followed by a three step cut and polish to remove swirls and scratches and renew the vehicles showroom shine. The tires are dressed and Aquapel is applied to all exterior windows for improved visibility in the rain and snow. The final step is the application of a polymer paint sealant for ultimate paint protection from the elements. An interior vacuum and window cleaning is included in this detail.

$265 $290 $310
VIP Interior

This is the best detail package offered to give your vehicle 360 degree protection! Started with a hot water hand wash and degreasing the wheels and wheel wells to remove all accumulated dirt. Clay bar is used on the paint to remove all surface contaminates then the vehicle is rinsed and dried using chamois and compressed air to eliminate drips. All trim is masked off and solvent is used to remove grease and old wax then a three step cut and polish is done and a polymer paint sealant is applied for ultimate paint protection. The tires are dressed and Aquapel is applied to all exterior windows for improved visibility in the rain and snow. A full interior detail is performed cleaning all door jambs, carpets, seats, plastic and the headliner to get the interior as close to new as possible. A low gloss protectant is used on all plastic. Once cleaned, a fabric guard is applied to all carpets and cloth seats and a crème leather conditioner is applied to all leather to keep it soft and supple.

$385 $405 $435

Car Care Services

  • Leather Conditioning: $65.00
  • Aquapel: $29.99 Car / $39.99 SUV/Truck
  • Paint Sealant: $45.00 Car / $55.00 SUV/Truck
  • Engine Steam Clean: $45.00
  • Headlight Re-condition: $79.99 Pair
  • Ozone Treatment: $35.00

Boat Detailing in Issaquah

Boat Detailing

Have your boat detailed by the qualified team at Mark's Japanese European Auto. Our marine detailing service removes algae and stains while protecting against future oxidation. 

Boat and yacht detail packages include the following:

  • Hot Water Wash Exterior: We removes loose debris and residue from your boat exterior
  • Apply Solvent: We remove algae and old wax with a specially formulated solvent
  • Apply Hull Cleaner & Machine Polish: We use a marine grade wax with our machine polisher to remove water line stains and oxidation as well as prevent future stains and oxidation. This service includes the top rails and painted area of the interior.
  • Clean Interior: Using a citrus based cleaner, we thoroughly clean your interior from top to bottom
  • Apply UV Protectant: We dress all vinyl and plastics with a low gloss protectant to defend against UV damage. 
  • Clean Bilge: We extract all standing water and clean the bilge
  • Steam Clean Carpets: We pre-treat and steam clean all carpets
  • Clean Trailer Wheels: We dress your trailer tires and clean its wheels

Call us today at for a free quote: (425) 247-1977

RV Detail

RV Detailing

Your motorhome sees hundreds of miles of road, venturing places near and far. All of those miles make for great scenery and stories, but they also mean more road grime and opportunities for food and beverage spills. It can be time consuming to clean your RV interior, let alone the exterior.

Save time and hassle with Mark’s Auto Detail. We have the experience, equipment, and products necessary to clean your RV or camper from top to bottom.

Due to the variety of RV sizes and types of detailing requests, we kindly request you call for a detailing price quote. Our RV detailing packages are similar to the Car Detailing packages, but pricing varies depending on size. 

Call (425) 247-1977 today, and our team will be happy to provide a personalized quote.

Window Tinting

Reduce heat and improve privacy with window tinting by Marks Auto Detail. We use high quality window film designed to protect your skin and upholstery from damaging sun rays, reduce glare, and make your cabin interior more comfortable.

We offer a variety of car tint packages, from light to dark while following Washington state laws to keep everyone safe.

Is tinting backed by warranty?

Yes. Our window tinting film is backed by a warranty and covers things like peeling and bubbles. 

Window film quality is important when deciding to tint your car or truck windows. So is finding a trusted window tint installer. At Mark's Auto Detailing, we've been serving satisfied customers for over 25 years. We service cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans, or RVs. Call (425) 247-1977 for a free quote.

Detailing Benefits

  • Make a great first impression with your client or date
  • Feel good hitting the road or sea with car or boat that looks great
  • Improve the look of your vehicle for better sale opportunities

Visit us during business hours or contact us online for more information.

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